Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Photoupz 1.6 Portable | Software Object Photo Eraser

Photoupz 1.6 Portable | Software Object Photo Eraser

Photoupz improves your photos. Magically remove objects from photo with Photoupz, erase wrinkles and blemishes and get rid of tourists from your holiday images using powerful guiding line tool.



Photoupz can Sharpen blurry images, remove noise to improve low quality pictures, brighten dark photos. Photoupz will quickly improve and repair your photos.

PC Windows app for spectacular photo editing

  • Erase date, objects, tourists from images
  • Remove watermarks
  • Inpaint, fix and improve photos


PASS: fonnyl2011!#$
( credit To Uploader ~ lagi males upload ulang :D )

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