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Kendalikan banyak Komputer dengan satu mouse dan keyboard

Dengan software " Mouse Without Borders " kita bisa melakukan remote beberapa komputer dari komputer kita dengan mudah , tanpa memerlukan keahlian jaringan khusus dan peralatan yang canggih cukup mouse dan keyboar kita  .

Mouse Without Borders hampir sama  dengan Aplikasi remote komputer kebanyakan , namun dengan program ini kita bisa menyettingnya dengan mudah . yang perlu kita lakukan hanya menginstall program ini pada komputer yang ingin kita remote ( menjalankan komputer lain melalui komputer kita ) .

Beberapa kelebihan dari program ini yaitu gratis, simpel ,kita bisa melakukan drag n drop file dari komputer satu ke komputer lain melalui komputer kita .


Mouse Without Borders enables you to control up to 4 networked computers with a single mouse and keyboard without the need for any KVM hardware. Simply install the program on each computer you want to control, follow the setup instructions and you will be sharing your mouse and keyboard in no time.

Mouse Without Borders also lets you drag and drop files between machines (very cool), share the clipboard and retrieve screen captures from the other desktops.

To move control from one computer to the next, simply move your mouse beyond the boundaries of the monitor and the program will automatically switch control to the other PC. You can configure up to 4 computer screens side-by-side or in two rows. Other features include support for hotkey switching, screensaver control and remote locking.

Compared to Synergy and Input Director, Mouse Without Borders is probably the most user friendly and easiest to use (especially for non-technical users), however Synergy and particularly Input Director offer much better configuration options for power users. While Mouse Without Borders lacks some of these advanced features, it is a lot easier to set up, which probably makes it the best choice for those who have never used mouse/keyboard sharing.






Publisher : Microsoft Corp.
File Size  : 1130 kb
Version   :
Windows 32/64-bit XP/Vista/7
Requirements None


Mouse Without Borders

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